Once there was a man,
Whose years took on a long span.
Respected, wise, aged;
Yet lacked the spirit of the dogged.
Old Mister Man saw generations,
Babes and men revered him - that's the tradition.
But he lacked one, just one thing -
That turned his life into a fling.
Mr Methuselah, he was, known by all,
Birthed not long after the Great Fall.
"Seventh from Adam" was his title,
Yet, he remained ignorant of The Battle...

Enoch walked with God,
Even Noah from the Great Flood.
Enoch was not - God took him,
Death lost its grip on him.
Enoch, a great Father, laid the example -
That life was not all "Come and Sample".
In his ways, perfection was the rule;
To God and Man, his heart remained white as wool.
Beautiful thing it was, his life was translated to Life,
Free from this world of sin, and woes and strife.
We expected Son Methuselah
To live like his noble father.
But his life, long as it were,
Made no impact, on earth and over There.
He died, almost spending a millennium;
Age and service not in equilibrium.

But before you bemoan his terrible fate,
Dear reader, tell, where do you stand?
Do the things of earth still attract you?
To keep your soul in a never ending snare?
What are you doing for God today?
Don't be quick to answer - reflect again and again:
You might not live as long as Methuselah,
But the truth is - sooner or later, we all will die.
It is not enough to give your money or energy or time -
He demands your life, your very life.
So small a thing to give to Christ,
Yet, you hold it back from Him.
Today, you live, but what happens tomorrow?
Give it to Him - Give, and not borrow.

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