The fool has said in his heart - 
"I will enjoy my life here on earth,
Religion is vain, there is no God,
I have everything, I am my own lord!"

He claims this very world for his own,
That wealth and power is his alone.

He claims that Earth was formed from a bang,
That it is false - Adam's sin and resulting pangs.

He claims that no one on the Cross did die,
That Christ's Suffering is all a lie.

He claims that Man has liberty,
To live as he would, with or without morality.

He claims to know it all,
Refusing to heed the Saviour's Call.

But as he speaks to his soul:
"Be merry, enjoy your treasures whole",
The Voice, grim, in anger and disdain,
Requests his life, unclean and vain - 
"This night, thou really shall see,
When thy soul is required of thee."

So he slips into eternity,
From Great identity to no entity.

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