Hi Dear,
How are you doing today?
I hope everything is going on fine?
Oh no! You're pained, feeling rejected.
I'm so sorry you're going through all of this.
But...you needn't to.

No... you aren't crying are you?
You see, I might not really understand this pain you feel
Might not feel the weight of the burdens you're carrying...
But you know what?
Wait..wait, first, I would love you to wipe those tears away.
C'mon.... C'mon....
Thank you.
You see, I've got great news for you!
There's Someone who knows what you're keeping from everyone else.
He sees the secret tears, and recognises the false smiles.
He totally feels the pain you feel, and is more pained that you feel this way.
He loves you so much.
You mean more than the whole world to Him, you know,
He gave His Life for your sake,
His Blood was spilled that you might not die,
He carried all your burdens when He carried that Cross.
He loves you, again and again.
Yes, there's still real and genuine and pure love in this world.
He wants you to come just as you are.
He'll accept you - faults, imperfections and all.
And He's smiling at you right now, waiting for you to rush into His Arms.
He'll give you a brand new Life,
And walk with you on this Journey through life.
Come to Him, just as you are,
Tell Him about your life,
Accept Him as your Lord,
Ask that His Blood washes you from all your sins.
Promise never to return to them.
Thank Him. Thank Him for forgiving you.
I'm soooo happy for you.

Welcome to a new World!
Heaven is very excited that you came. 
Thank you for accepting this invitation.

I was asked to drop this letter on your table. It came from
                                     The Friend,
                                     that sticks closer
                                     than a brother,
                                     or sister.

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