Lucifer, the Head Angel agreed - 
Of course, he had to do the deed.
Then he rose up, Lucifer, the Morning Star;
But hark, I say, for he fell to the tar.
Aye, you ask me how,
so, I'll show you just now - 
He said:"I will ascend to the Heavens,
I won't stop at number Seven.
I will be like the Almighty,
Wield the power of the All-sighty."
He looked around and saw some nods,
From Angels like him, who held the rods.
The Great and Terrible God was wroth,
And rose in His fiery wrath.
To the one who spoke in pride,
Who, on his mouth, had no guide.
From Lucifer to Satan, the Devil,
His name, changed, signified evil.
He, with his co-rebels,
"Fallen Angels" were their labels.
Their abode was changed now, to hell;
In Heaven, they had caused a duel.
Hell - to suffer for their deeds,
For there was no longer a chance to plead.
So, Satan free evil and bad,
Hating everything that belonged to the Lamb.
The Creation of Man gave Him a chance - 
Yea, on Man would he take his stance.
So he came, determined to call
Onto Man, to join in the great Fall.
"You'ld be like God,"
He said, making Man disobey the Word.
So, Man fell.
And till Jesus came, he was doomed to hell.
Jesus, between God and Man, bridged the gap, see -
He's between the B.C. and A.D.

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