God once had a Meeting,
With Jesus, and the Spirit, and all the Angels sitting - 
Before the creation of Man,
Before Eden's waters ran.
God on the Throne, 
Sought to hear His Own.
Then, the Earth as it were,
hadn't even thought of being here.
They all were gathered, waiting,
For the one who had called the rating.
God, together with His Son and Spirit - All in One,
presided the Meeting before it'ld be gone.
HE was about to make a decision,
The Elders and Angels, there to make it one of precision.
Then, He thought: "Let me ask of their views,
It wouldn't be good to enfor in ace a Rule".
Son and Spirit nodded in agreement - 
It was the Spirit of togetherness.
This thesis,
Wasn't shown in Genesis...
but was shown to us through the Spirit's Wire,
In the fiery Prophet Isaiah.

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