But, the Devil isn't done yet,
He and his crew, to their feet would get;
To pull Man into this net -
And into hell, would they be let.
So, from the Creation, even to the time of the Great Visitation,
The Beast has made a Decision.
To deceive Man and inflict pain, 
Pulling Man into this pit again and again.
But God has spelt out the Creed,
To the Man who'd not yield.
"But the fearful, not the daring,
And the abominable, not the caring.
The whoremongers, not the pure,
Even the liars - to be sure:
Would have their part,
In the lake of fire that burns without art;
With the choking and stifling sulphur,
It's a time that Sinners would be "done for",
In this great Fire, there are worms which die not -
It is the beginning of the Rot.
The Time is very near - 
Dear Friend, do beware!
The Devil is without the doors - 
Waiting to steal, kill and devour.
It's up to you to take your stand,
And never join the Evil Band.
Remain ever ready, keep the Word,
Till you hear:"Here comes your Lord!"

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