Do you create a false identity?
Does it seem like you're a great entity?
Do you place yourself among the Top Ts?
You don't know Holiness, only legality,
Salvation is a strange, knotty thing,
The Spirit's Work is done, but you remain in
 'Twill do you no good, Mr Don't-know-Sanctity

Just when will you do this deed?
When, Dear Soul, will you wait and heed?
Hear, oh hear the Saviour plead -
"Let Me, Let Me Lead
The Door of your heart is all I need;
Salvation, bought with the price 'Freed'
Is all I bring, not a Creed!"

But "WHAT?"
I hear the Devil Shout,
"No Soul must ever turn about,
No Saint must be made out this one who flouts!"
And, yea, I see his anger in bouts,
To deceive, to derail is found in his mouth:
Oh Soul, tarry not, lest you be left out!

But HOW?
Tell, oh tell I pray,
You cry and cry from day to day, 
This is the remedy, Soul, " Wait as I'll say,
on the Lord, For He'll give a place to stay,
In His Kingdom, when you grey.
Oh Repent, and, even turn away, 
All you claim, at His Feet lay, 
He'll pardon, and keep you safe
in His Hands lest you stray.
Dear Mr Sanctity, in His Grace Remain!!!

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