I closed my eyes and I saw,
Viewed the Story of a Sinning Man.
He dwelt and slept, woke in its Law,
Solitary, alone, for from GOD, he ran.
Refusing to acknowledge his fault.
He met Old Noah, who invited him –
To the Ark - Mercy's vault,
But he despised Sir Noah: “You’re drunk!”, said he, in anger's steam.
He lived long enough to see the Flood,
And, though, he died, yet, he lived.
For from the time of Noah, to Levi's shedding of the Blood,
The Sinning Man never believed.
Then, GOD's Promise was renewed –
To bring The Beloved and end strife.
The Sinning Man, in his deeds continued,
Rejecting The Way, The Truth, The Life!
He ate The Bread, but refused Its Source,
Wore the Pharisee, sent the Messiah to the Cross.
He was defiant, not moved by His Death,
Till dear Lady Reverence, and her good friend, Fear;
Upon the Sinning Man, placed their Breath.
And he fell on His knees, crying: “ This was the Son of GOD, humble and dear!”
Noble Mercy averted Judgment, spoke for him, when he realised:
That without HIS Death, Doom's voice would ring in eternity unappeased.
Grace embraced him, and by Faith, made him wise;
By Faith, for only by her would his Lord remain pleased.
His Life turned new, yea, The Spirit bore witness –
And with Heaven smiling, Angels singing,
He rises up, in tears, notwithstanding,
He went down – Sinning Man,
But rises - Shinning Man, having entered Salvation’s Plan!
Your story can be the same, Dear Reader, if you accept Him as your Lord, truly sorry for your sins. Invite Him into your heart. Ask for His Blood to cleanse you.
Thank Him! You are Forgiven!!!!
 I’m so happy for you!!!!! And Heaven? You mean more than the whole world to Him, I tell you, You’re a V, V, V, V, VIP to Him. Only don't break HIS heart by going back to Sin, remember, you're a Shinning Person now – Sin stains!


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