WELCOME, Special

Hi Dear,
I'm Nwokocha Samuel, also known as Genius Sam, and I am very pleased that you are here. It has been my dream to create a blog that will help you to quench that longing in your heart through a very special form - poetry.

This blog is made for you, that you may be fully formed in Him. Remember, you mean more than the whole world to Him, I cannot imagine the Smile that lights up HIS Face as you read this, Special. It promises to be an impactful, enlightening and enjoyable ride with me, the host and HE, the Pilot. Once again, Welcome on Board!🤗

On this blog, you will find food, specially prepared for your soul in Biographies, Life enriching poems, Quotes... ( You have no idea what's cooking!) You're very unique and your comments are much valued, so, feel free to speak up!😊

This is the blog, I am the ink and He is the Writer.

Genius Sam
God's Ink, Your good friend.

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