There was once a Man,
whose wealth had no ban.

He had enough to spend,
Travelled from end to end.

He craved for, and got fame;
No one on him could place a blame.

He came to the world, a nice lad -
But in his teens grew so bad.

He said: "I have no need of Religion".
Indeed, he belonged to the League of Legion.

So he grew and continued to wax worse;
Hating and hating the Cross.

Though, Elijah came,
He despised his Words, spurned the Flame.

The Prophets pled and wept,
But his heart was only for the Devil swept.

He acquired and amassed,
His wealth, than most men, surpassed.

He drank wine - glass after glass;
He stank of lustre like brass.

He ate with men, with a golden spoon,
He dined with the Devil, under the moon.

You see, he wielded great power.
Cared less for anything lower.

He had so great an influence;
Kings, Nobles, craved his presence.

He ruled with an Iron hand,
Was sovereign on water and land.
But all of this came to a drastic end.....

All of this came to a drastic end...

What would be the end of Mr Wealth...
I'm sure you can't wait to find out..

Watch out for part 2

What shall it profit a man if he gains the world.... (Matthew 16:26a.)

Thanks for reading.

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