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What would be the end of Mr Wealth?🤷
It is time to find out. 😉

Enjoy the ride 😊

But all of this came to a drastic end,
When his life turned a sharp bend.
He fell ill one day, and, suddenly began to grow lean.
'Oh, how are the mighty fallen!’
As he lay on his deathbed,
He sought for doctors,  for death he feared.
Though, he had all,
He had fallen a great fall.
He shouted and cried, for he saw doom –
Yes, demons were all over the room.
He was Midas, after all, with the Golden Touch.
But now, he lay on death's couch.
His wife came, showing him pictures
Of all his travels and adventures.
His Son came, showing him what he's got.
Yea, what his life was worth.
Even his favourite, Cecilia, his daughter –
“Reminded him, Dad, you matter!”
But, all of this made no sense;
He only grew worse, and tense.
Till at last, someone appeared at the door –
And it was that poor preacher, the bore.
He might be poor in this world,
But, hark, I tell you, he's rich in his Lord.
The preacher cried and prayed for his Salvation,
Urging him to disregard the regulations.
He spoke: “ The Rich also Cry,
Do this –  don’t just give it a try”.
And as he parted his lips,
The word came out in peeps.
“Father”, he coughed and gasped –
“ I’m sorry...” he in pain continued,
But, Alas, those words would never be renewed.
For he slipped into eternity,
Died, heads shaking in pity.
This is the End of the Rich Man.
Dear Soul, what is your plan?
A  Man's worth is only measured:
By his essence in Christ, not earthly treasures.
It is only when you seek the kingdom,
That Christ-like life becomes a Norm.
Choose you this Day:
Either Death, or Life's own Way.
The Door of HIS Mercy is open wide;
Enter it, enter in, before the coming waves of the Dark Tide!

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