It's frustrating,
A no-sweet thing
When I fall into Spiritual depression..
I look back, only to see regression.
I sink into despair,
I sob and cry, "I've got no share,
Perhaps I'll continue to fall,
Never to reach the Hall.
I read, but I find little relief,
When I pray, I do so with unbelief;

Till I really saw Compassion -
My Saviour's Eyes spoke of passion.
He said to Me " You matter ,
 Yes, you do, dear Daughter,
Even when you falter;
I'M still your Beginning and Omega".
Then, my eyes were opened and I saw,
That truly, HE broke the Law.
HE took my hand and dried my tears,
Yea, HE calmed all my fears.
He reminded me "I am with you,
My Child, stop feeling blue."

He took me back to Calvary, 
And there, I saw His Love for Me.
So now, when you see Me smile,
'Tis I in Christ, going the extra mile.
I have very strong Faith,
That He controls both Luck and Fate.
And no matter what comes my way,
There's but one thing I have to say:
"Bless the Lord, oh my Soul,
He took my broken heart and made it whole!"

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  1. Hallelujah!🙌
    He took my broken heart and made it whole!
    Nice work bro.
    More grace🔥

  2. Thank you Jesus for all you did for me.
    More grace bro.
    Keep writing.