She patted her permed hair as she powdered her face.
She had beauty but lacked grace.
I turned and shifted uncomfortably on my bed.
This was my life - I was living,  yet dead.
She wore the heels, stood tall like the peacock.
One last look at the mirror, and then she began this walk.
I shouted, tried to call her, but she would not hear,
My voice was trapped in the Glass of Fear.
To tell you, this was how I began at Seventeen,
I was the censure of eyes everywhere I'd been.
Now I lay on my death bed at age forty,
So much plastic surgeries had drained life out of me, now I'm empty.
Just when I began my tertiary education,
I was misled by those with whom I had close relations.
Gradually, I was introduced into their trade,
They told me: "Forget about the grades!"
I was blinded by money and clothes and cars.
But all of these were kept in the bars.
I must break the rules to get them,
And this was my problem's stem.
I was nominated for beauty shows,
I felt I was in the flow.
Till I was diagnosed of that strange disease,
I was abandoned by my friends of ease.
I lost everything, money and attention,
Filthy, filthy, I was, I lost my attraction.
My poor mother who constantly warned me,
Borrowed money, for my sake, would in debt be.
At the age of twenty two,
I lost my education too.
I had to stay in the village with my mother,
My Father was wealthy, but for us didn't bother.
He said that I was suffering for All I had done,
Though mother shared in them, my griefs were by me borne.
Six years later, my mother died.
She had gone through a lot, I was pained, I cried,
But it was just the beginning of my woes.
The cancer came up like a wounded snake,
The Doctor announced, "It is in its critical form, your health is at stake."
Life became terrible-
It was like a night mare, very horrible.
In and out of the hospital,
My life was in a fierce battle.
From drugs, to surgical operations, to chemotherapy,
My life was far from being happy.
I was Thirty Eight when it was decided-
Wait! did I tell you,I lost hope on marriage, in the sight of men I was derided.
Well, the hospital turned my home,
I had to assume life as the Roman, it was my Rome.
I was lonely and sad;
Till Nurse Mary stepped into my life and said:" You're not so bad".
She brought along blessing..
Told me of a Saviour who died for my Sins.
She nurtured me and showed me care,
Till I held the Saviour dear.
I know Nurse Mary will come inside soon
To comfort me, and give me food for the noon,
But I cannot bear to see this girl
Though her head may in happiness swirl,
For I fear she may end like me
If she doesn't go back to Calvary.
I fear she will suffer shame,
If she with the Devil plays this game.
All I want now is to be with LORD,
I'm not ready to keep suffering under Cancer's Rod.
I have peace and joy that the Spirit gives,
Yet, I want to stay with Him who was buried, but rose, and lives.
I sit upright, my pen in hand,
To warn you, Daughters of this Land.
Take heed to what you've seen,
For this is the Story of Me.

Everyone has a story and I just shared mine. Feel free to share yours with me too.

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