A sad, heartbroken girl weeping

"Get out of my house!" She shouted.
"You are good for nothing, you add burdens to my troubles!"
The poor orphan picked the polythene bag, shattered.
Her life had been rough. It was in rubbles.
She shook violently, tears pouring in torrents.
The only clothes she had were faded, torn and patched in places.
She felt like a broken sail, torn apart by the Sea's currents.
She had been battered - a look at her feet were blood traces. 
The pain she felt was indescribable, as she recounted the Story..
It was only two years ago when her poor father had died in an accident.
She was the only child, yet life for her was the opposite of glory.
For Mother and her, it was trouble in, and out, torment.
For they were debtors, yet underfed.
But their troubles were not over, yea, not over.
Few Months later, her Mother was pronounced dead - 
She'd died from a heart, ached, clustered like leaves of clover.
And here, she stood, at age Thirteen,
Sapped, wearied from this Life of strife.
Weeping: "Look how my life has been!"
'Twas then that the creditor's wife
Bitter and cruel, arrived in anger,
For she must pay back the debt,
Which her poor mother incurred in hunger.
So, She began life again in Servitude and Sorrow Outlet......

The lashes came suddenly, and she snapped out of her reverie, yea, her back cried;
But it wasn't only her back - her head and heart suffered the same fate.
As she was thrown down the stairs, she felt like she had died;
Till her bloodshot eyes saw the gate..
And from the blues, came a Man - 
His eyes spoke warmth and love,
His Hands brought with them care she'd never seen in her own clan.
He took her, cleaned her wounds, She saw life in each move.
He carried her in His Hands - the outcast.
He wiped her tears and took her home.
He fed and nourished her, she forgot her past.
Her life turned rich as loam.
She grew, established, wealthy and known.
Her name was known by everyone.
That Man, who'd nurtured her till She was grown,
Came to her abode to see her new born.
He met with Mr Great Surprise,
When she pushed Him out, calling Him names, He who'd been The Main.
"He has come to beg for food when I've got the rise!"
She slammed the door and left Him in the Rain.

And there He stood, drenched, hungry and pained.....

"He came unto His Own, but His Own received Him not".

Are you shutting the door of your heart against Him? Open it now... Tomorrow may be too late.

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