I am my Father's Begotten,
lived in His Mansion.
Yet, I chose to have this Forgotten,
'cause of this great passion-
I saw My Own Creature,
Driven by the Devil.
And His primary feature
was only Evil and evil.
So I took the challenge
When My Father gave the Call.
It was Man's only privilege,
to rise up from the Fall.

And so I assumed Man's Form;
To show Him that we cared,
I stilled all of his Storms -
but he chose to have Me dared.
Though I healed his sick,
And gave him bread for food,
He returned my good with sticks,
Gave Me Evil for Good.
He spat on My Face, had Me beaten,
And crowned Me with many Thorns.
And even that Day when the Sun was darkened,
Only My Own did Mourn.

I ascended to My Father's Throne -
'cause that's where I belong.
I no longer remain Alone,
The Angels sing My Song.
I gave Man Sun for Food and Heat,
Gave Rain, for it's dire.
I gave Him Trees and even Meat;
But he won't even tire.
He continues to Crucify Me
With all His evil deeds.
He says to Me, day after day, "I have no need of THEE!"
And, although, I warn Him, "Take Heed!"
He wouldn't even budge -
All he knows is 'God is Love'

The Time gets nearer with every move,
You only have Today!
For Tomorrow lies in My Own Hands,
I've got just this to say -
"That else you obey My Commands,
And turn from your evil ways,
I'll take you by surprise when Night comes instead of Day!"

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